Annual World No Tobacco Day encourages folks to kick the butts

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Public health England in the United Kingdom, the food and drug administration in the United States and many other regulators and health authorities across the world have appreciated that anti-smoke products such as electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco devices can offer a less harmful alternative to the tobacco cigarettes.

In Africa alone, some 146,000 adults aged 30 years and more die every year from tobacco-related diseases.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) latest data says that smoking is responsible for the death of about six million people across the world each year with numerous deaths occurring prematurely. This is an established medical fact that tobacco use is major cause of heart attacks or strokes in the country.

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Dr. Aftab added that various cancers including acute myeloid leukemia, lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, cancer of the cervix, cancer of the esophagus, kidney cancer, cancer of the larynx (voice box) and uterus cancer are caused by direct smoking, secondhand smoking, chewing tobacco and using "pan, ' 'gutka" or 'sheesha.

While in India and Indonesia, more than half of adults are unaware that smoking can cause strokes.

"Governments have the power in their hands to protect their citizens from suffering needlessly from heart disease", said Douglas Bettcher, who heads WHO's non-communicable disease prevention unit.

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It has also been revealed that 7.1% in Andhra use smokeless tobacco which was way lesser than the national average of 21.4%. If the trend continues on the current trajectory, the world will only achieve a 22% reduction by 2025. That's why we have significantly increased funding for Canada's Tobacco Strategy, which will allow us to remain a world leader in reducing overall smoking rates. For females, 11% smoked in 2000, compared to 6% in 2015.

Jan Odhano said that the government is responsible for protecting people's health from tobacco exposure and for this goal it has to strictly enforce the tobacco control laws in Pakistan to restrict access to tobacco.

Jeff Stephens with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network says bringing parity between cigarettes and chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and cigars will help keep young people from ultimately smoking.

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Despite the overall decline, World Health Organization regrets that only one in eight countries is on track to meet a voluntary target of a 30% cut in tobacco use by 2025, based on a 2010 baseline. Although smoking is banned in public spaces in India, non-smokers are still exposed and inconvenienced by smokers, especially children living with parents who smoke. Dr Nilesh, representative of TISS, says they interviewed 942 men, and 1,024 women over the age of 15 years, and majority said they feel inconvenient with people smoking in public spaces. Eighty percent of these deaths occur in low to middle-income countries.