Apple is launching FaceTime group chats for up to 32 people

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Recently, Apple unveiled the iOS 12 and also the new features which will come with iOS 12.

Apple is also adding "Memoji" which allows you to create a personalized emoji of yourself.

In addition, callers can change their face to what's called an animoji. Or that Apple has now paid out more than $100 billion to App Store developers? If you are bothered by the fact you're spending 3 hours or more on Instagram or Facebook, you can now allow yourself a set amount of time for an app or category like social media. But most developers at WWDC this week agreed that the beta version this year was more stable than not, and was nearly good enough to run on your daily phone.

You will be able to manage app notifications more easily and with more options.

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The one that we used and found to be working is here (use at your own risk). You'll need to be an Apple Developer, which costs $99 for most people.

So you'll want to make sure you're one hundred and ten percent confident in the move before you hit download. If you don't want to wait that long to try iOS 12 you don't have to.

This will then enable your device to download iOS 12 on your iPhone, just as you would normally download a software update. Based on prior predictions, iOS 12 the release date for iOS 12 should be in September to coincide with the release of new iPhone devices for 2018.

There are several other features to look forward to, including the grouping of notifications to eliminate an onslaught of notifications from the same app, and group FaceTimes.

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There are certainly features that many Apple fans will love. So, don't expect them to work out of the box.

Privacy and security upgrades to macOS and Safari were also detailed.

Programmers and Apple developers can install a beta version now.

If you really can't wait, make sure you back-up your iPhone fully and use a smartphone that isn't your main device.

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Another new tool is called Suggestions, where Siri will prompt the user to take certain actions in iOS, such as order their favorite coffee that they drink every morning. It is accessible when you have an MFi hearing aid device paired with your iPhone.