ARM aims to match laptop performance with new Cortex-A76 CPU

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Now, ARM has announced the launch of A76 processor cores, which promise significant performance improvement over the current processors that companies like Samsung and OnePlus use.

"For the end user, it's going to be a combination of no-compromise performance and truly all-day battery life", said Rene Haas, president of ARM's IP products group. Compared to the current Cortex-A75, the new processor should deliver a 35 percent boost in performance while increasing battery efficiency by 40 percent.

The increase in performance has been registered when the 7mm process-built Cortex-A76 clocked at 3GHz was pit against the older Cortex-A75 which was based on the 10nm and clocked at a lower 2.8GHz.

As always with ARM announcements, the company did not mention the names of any commercial products that will make use of its new CPU and GPU innovations, but we expect plenty of high-end mobile devices including laptops to be powered by these new chips. ARM says that it delivers "laptop-class performance" and still maintain the power efficiency of a smartphone.

The Cortex-A76 processor is based on Arm's DynamIQ technology, and it can deliver a 35% performance gain and 40% improved power efficiency in comparison to Cortex-A75 released a year ago.

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As the only compute architecture delivering these generation-over-generation gains, it's exciting to watch Arm continue to push performance while still becoming increasingly efficient.

Additionally, Cortex-A76 brings an optimized memory system that will be isolated from the main operating system via TrustZone technology.

The Cortex A76 is important for Arm for a design perspective as it represents a new start from a clean sheet.

The new CPU core and GPU core should be seen in processors that will power next year's devices at the earliest.

That's not all, ARM is also boasting a 40 percent improvement in power efficiency, towards which the smaller target process node helps, but there are microarchitecture changes here as well which add to the efficiency.

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Mali-V76 will support decoding of 8K video stream up to 60fps or four 4K streams at up to 60fps, enabling them to record while doing a video conference.

It also has 2.7 times the machine learning capacity with four times the performance as artificial intelligence is relied on for things such as particle effects. ARM has provided technical details in a blog.

Finally, there's the Arm Mali-V76.

The V76 video processor can now decode 8K resolutions at 60 or 30 fps as well as support multiple 4K or 1080p streams.

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