Bumblebee: Trailer Arrives for New Transformers Spinoff

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Following the critical and financial disaster of Transformers: The Last Knight, the future of the Transformers universe is uncertain. Also making a brief appearance is John Cena playing obligatory military man Agent Burns.

According to director Knight, Bumblebee will carry a tone distinct from the other Transformers series installments - and the teaser trailer proves that, showing off the sweeter, gentler, coming-of-age-story side of the franchise. One of the most popular autobots (probably second most after Optimus Prime), Bumblebee is the embodiment of the adage that states, "Size doesn't matter".

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Paramount Pictures has released the Bumblebee trailer for the Transformers spinoff movie starring John Cena.

'A driver don't pick the vehicle, the auto pick the driver, it's a mystical bond between man and machine, ' intones a voiceover, quoting the words of Uncle Bobby the used vehicle dealer from the first Transformers film. The film appears to be centred on the relationship between Charlie and Bumblebee. I play a character named Charlie Watson, who is a mechanic. It's set in the year 1987 and gives some backstory on what Bumblebee was up to prior to meeting Sam Witwicky in the first of the Transformers live-action movies.

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Whether audiences still have an appetite for such computer-generated-imaging mayhem won't be known until later this year, as Bumblebee arrives in theaters on December 21.

It continues: "When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary, yellow VW bug".

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