Dennis Rodman Weeps As He Recounts His Unwavering Faith In North Korea

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Rodman, who Trump said last week had not been invited to the summit, has been public about several trips he's made to North Korea to meet with Kim.

"If Trump can pull this off, more power to him", Rodman said on CNN.

Basketball player Rodman appeared wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap as he said he "believed in North Korea".

Rodman further told CNN that when he went back to Washington, he received death threats.

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An even larger majority - 75 percent - see North Korea's nuclear weapons program as a "major threat", according to the Pew Research Center poll conducted in October. "And Obama did not give me the time of day - he just brushed me off, but that didn't deter me".

"I couldn't even go home, but I kept my head up high, brother".

"And I hope this is going to bridge some gaps between the countries and I think that they can do a good job. I was the only one". No one to see me. "I am so happy", Rodman, visibly shaking and crying, said. Rodman is not at the summit in any official capacity, invited by neither the United States nor the North Korean delegations. "This guy wants to be around the world, he wants to go to America".

If peace talks go well, look for Trump returning as host of "Celebrity Apprentice" following his presidency, with Rodman and Kim Jong Un starring on the same team. "And today is a great day for everybody, Singapore, Tokyo, China, a great day", Dennis said emotionally in regards to the fact that the day he predicted has finally come. "I was sitting up protecting everything", said Rodman. He added though that every time he has met with Kim Jong Un, it has been a surprise.

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Rodman told CNN's Chris Cuomo, he knew nothing about Kim or North Korea at the time and saw it simply as a charity trip.

Trump landed in Singapore a little after 8:30 p.m. local time for the highly-anticipated meeting with the North Korean leader, which is set to take place on Tuesday. "He's trying to protect his people, his honor, and everything that has to do with his country". "We just need the doors to be opened so we can start fresh", he said, describing the event as a "great day" and exclaiming: "I'm so happy!"

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman openly cried on television in a freakish meltdown over the US-North Korea summit.

"I've told people about Kim Jong-un".

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