End of an era: Yahoo Messenger is being shut down next month

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Unfortunately, that chapter of our lives is about to close - since Yahoo has revealed that the service will shut down for good on July 17.

For now, Yahoo isn't offering a replacement for Messenger, which attracted millions of users over the past two decades.

Although there isn't an immediate replacement for Yahoo Messenger, the company suggests Yahoo Squirrel - an invite-only group messaging app now in beta - as an alternative.

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Distraught Yahoo Messenger users can either move on to one of the more modern counterparts or sign up to use Oath's Slack-like chat service, called Squirrel.

"'As the communications landscape continues to change over, we're focusing on building and introducing new, exciting communications tools that better fit consumer needs". One of them is Yahoo Squirrel, an invite-only group messaging app that's now in Beta. From July 18, 2018 on users won't be able to access chats and other services related to Yahoo Messenger anymore. As users migrated away from dedicated chat apps to social networks and mobile messaging, however, the market for Messenger dried up.

Yahoo said that for the next six months, users would be able to download their chat history to their personal computer or device.

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Yahoo Messenger's days are numbered.

The company recommends deleting the app as soon as you've downloaded the chat history, because it'll no longer work.

The most popular mailing services of those years like Hotmail and Yahoo have given way to Gmail, though Yahoo mail still has a moderate presence. Pager (ask your parents what those were), Messenger hit at the high point in Yahoo! It was an early hit and popularised the idea of "over the top" messaging that was not tied to a specific service provider. Inc's primary assets. Along with purchase of Yahoo, Verizon created Oath Inc to oversee both of the brands it had just bought.

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Although Oath did not provide a reason for the closing, it is clear that Yahoo Messenger could not compete with the other messaging services.