Fallon, Colbert, Conan Team Up to Skewer Trump in Joint Cold Open

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Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien united for a amusing sketch Tuesday after President Donald Trump called Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and "the guy on CBS" a bunch of "low-lifes" and "lost souls" at a rally in SC.

When the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host, 43, responded, "Mostly whimpering", Colbert implored him to "be a man", while also remarking that the Daily Show alum was "busy having no talent". Once Colbert learns that Trump called Fallon and Colbert a lost soul and a low life, respectively, he decided a different late night better fits those descriptions, and dials up O'Brien.

The potentially history-making shared sketch kicks off with Colbert working on his opening monologue when he's interrupted by Fallon, who greets him with, "Hey lowlife!" Colbert responds, "Hey, lost soul".

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After reminding Fallon to "be a man", the two talk about Trump's rally.

In the video chat, O'Brien encourages his fellow hosts to give Trump some time to settle into the job and to be civil. "If we're not careful, this could start to get ugly", O'Brien said, clearly missing another element of the cultural moment. Fallon and Colbert then discussed lunch plans.

"So Melania, if you're watching I don't think your anti-bullying campaign is working", he said to laughs. "There's no talent. They're not like talented people".

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"I was just a guy".

Trump went on to claim that his appearance on Fallon's show in 2016 contributed to The Tonight Show's "monster ratings", and that the host "should be thankful, he shouldn't be upset or angry". "Because now he's gonna lose all of us", Trump said.

The video ends with Colbert rebranding his show as The Late Show with the Guy on CBS, a amusing ending to a very amusing video that makes us want to see more late-night team-ups down the line.

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