Floridians preparing for upcoming hurricane season

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The two maps below compare current ocean temperatures versus this time previous year.

Expect six hurricanes this season, according to a report Thursday from Colorado State University. The primary reason for this decrease is anomalous cooling in the tropical Atlantic.

Stock up on supplies, including water, non-perishables, and pet food to last a week.

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"Were kind of locked into that pattern", Klotzbach said. "And we went from near-record warmth to really cold". The cone is swept out ahead of the storm location in a set of circles in 12-hour increments.

The head of the Disaster Office further notes that with the formation of the sub-tropical storm Alberto before the hurricane season and the damage it has caused in the U.S. it may become necessary to have year-round hurricane preparation.

Despite last week's appearance of Subtropical Storm Alberto, a full week before the "official" start of the season, the Colorado forecast reduce the number of likely storms from slightly above-average prediction issued April 5.

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This puts reconstruction costs at an estimated more than $1.6 trillion this year, an increase of 6.6 per cent compared to the 2017 prediction of $1.5 trillion reconstruction costs. Abnormally cool sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic.

When waters are cooler the phenomenon is called La Nina. Hurricanes often bring storm surge, which is considered the greatest threat to property and life during any tropical storm.

"We anticipate a near-average probability for major hurricanes making landfall along the United States coastline and in the Caribbean". Hurricane-vulnerable coastline accounts for 45 percent of USA refining capacity and 51 percent of gas processing.

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Officials with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said cooler water in the Atlantic basin and warmer water in the Pacific Ocean will help reduce hurricane activity during the 2018 season, which ends November 30. Hurricane Maria, which decimated Puerto Rico last October, led to mass relocations to the Sunshine State. It is less than six years since Hurricane Sandy crippled much of the Northeast. The CSU projects that another 13 named storms will form and accounting for the early development of Alberto in May, the final season total is expected to be 14. It dumped heavy rains in Cuba. Scientists note that even an average or below average season can produce storms that devastated areas where they make landfall and caution against taking the wrong message from a reduced forecast.