France Warns Trump That It Will Not Sign a G-7 Statement

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During the call in May, sources told CNN that Trudeau asked Trump how he could justify national security as a reason for placing tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday evening that Trump will depart the G-7 summit mid-morning on Saturday after a session on women's empowerment. The G7 groups Canada, the United States, Japan, Britain, Italy, France and Germany. But the White House has signaled no change in plans.

"I have no doubt that the United States and Canada will remain firm friends and allies whatever short-term disagreements may occur", Kudlow said.

"Capture and Burning of Washington by the British, in 1914".

Canada in particular has been outraged by Trump's tariffs, taking umbrage at the argument that they were motivated by national security concerns.

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"I didn't pay much attention to the quip; I focused on the message I was putting out, which was that it is inconceivable - and quite frankly insulting - that the United States considers Canada to be a threat to national security".

Despite the lobbying and pleas, Trump has pressed ahead with tariffs as well as pulling out of the Paris climate accord.

"This approach will continue", Trudeau said.

So you can't really pin that on Canada, considering that Canada didn't exist.

The comments by the two leaders at a Parliament Hill news conference before they each departed to Charlevoix for the summit laid bare the frustrations and even anger at Trump's policy decisions. The steel tariffs also affect the other G7 member, Japan, which was never granted a waiver. "This is a unsafe course and should be abandoned immediately", Corker said in the statement.

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Well, it looks like we all forgot a crucial moment in history and Donald Trump was quick to point that out to the PM on a phone call last month.

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and EU president Donald Tusk will also attend, the French leader said.

While both Macron and Trudeau have forged cordial relationships with Trump, they made it clear they would not be intimidated by the US leader - especially in the face of USA tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Europe, Japan and Mexico.

Although Trump says the tariffs are necessary to protect US industry, Canada and the European Union have denounced them as illegal and are preparing retaliatory measures. Trudeau announced increased funding and border vigilance "to prevent transshipment and diversion of unfairly priced foreign steel and aluminum into the North American market", according to a statement released in April.

The row over tariffs, which have seen those affected hit back with reciprocal moves, has led to one of the most troubled run-ups to a G7 meeting in years. "I think there are questions about what is going to be the dynamic around the G7 table".

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