How to Customize What Gmail’s Swipe Gestures Do

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Google is in the run of updating all its products with some useful features. Either way, Gmail users now get the freedom to change controls for left and right swipes - which were previously set to Archive on both by default. Earlier Google updated its Gmail for desktop users; nearly everything was upgraded to a new level. Available with the latest update version 8.5.20, it is now uncertain whether the feature has been available since the latest version's release date or is a server-side update. Sadly, though, that and deleting were the only options. For the most part you can't add a new action that didn't exist before, meaning that users will have to choose between actions such as Archive, Delete, Mark as read/unread, Move to, Snooze, or None. The options are quite unusual and exciting.

How to Customize What Gmail’s Swipe Gestures Do
How to Customize What Gmail’s Swipe Gestures Do

You can choose to tailor the gestures from the settings menu in the app and then choosing "swipe actions". No word yet on when the swipe gestures will come to iOS. These customizable swipes were initially spotted in an APK teardown of an older build of Gmail which meant that Google was already working on the feature which we guess is finally here.

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