‘I Probably Will’ Back Effort To End Federal Ban On Marijuana

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"I don't think anyone would make a bet on the long-term validity of an offhand remark by the president that he "probably" would support something", said Kevin A. Sabet, head of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a nonpartisan group opposed to marijuana legalization. But the two senators shared a podium Thursday to launch new legislation on an issue they can agree on: keeping federal hands off state-legalized marijuana.

The bill, nicknamed the STATES Act, would require states, territories and tribes to abide by certain restrictions to qualify for protection from federal law enforcement, including a minimum age for marijuana sales and restrictions on selling the drug at highway rest stops.

The bill was unveiled Thursday by Colorado Republican Sen.

"The way I see it we have two choices: We can either sit on the sidelines and we can bemoan the old-fashioned policies, or we can roll up our sleeves, get to work and propose a solution", the senator from MA, where voters legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, said. But Trump's U.S. Attorney General - former Alabama Sen. "I was glad to hear the president's comments this morning and his continued interest in an approach that respects the will of the voters in each state regarding the prohibition or legalization of marijuana".

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"We're looking at it", Trump said. The sponsors say patients will not be required to go only to the dispensary where they are registered and could go to any treatment center. "But I probably will end up supporting that". Cory Gardner of Colorado. The bill would also protect banks that work with state-legal marijuana businesses.

Trump's remarks put him sharply at odds with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the issue.

"It is a positive sign", said Gardner, who is attending the Western Conservative Summit in Denver.

"Our federal marijuana laws are outdated, and they're broken", Warren said at the press conference.

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Because marijuana is illegal at the federal level, cannabis companies face a number of financial obstacles - the biggest being their inability to use banks or bank services.

The bold bill would allow businesses and individuals working in the burgeoning legal marijuana industry in states around the nation to operate without fear of U.S. Department of Justice prosecution.

Several marijuana proposals are floating around Congress, including sweeping bills embraced by leading Democrats that would end federal prohibition for good and decriminalize marijuana nationwide.

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