Intel’s 5GHz Core i7-8086K, low power displays wow at Computex reveals

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INTEL IS HAVING A WILLY-WAVING TIME at Computex, taking the covers off a limited edition Core i7 chip that sprints up to 5GHz as well teasing a 28-core processor.

Intel's benchmark run compares favorably with AMD's Threadripper processors, as well.

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While a 5GHz Core i7 is certainly noteworthy, Intel also made a decision to tout a 28-core processor at Computex, with it noting such a chip will be available at the end of 2018. It's expected that the Core i7-8086K will have the same 95W TDP rating as that chip. Sales for this limited edition CPU will open up on June 8, but you can also enter to win one in a sweepstakes that Intel is hosting.

Those who were around to see Intel launch its x86 microprocessor business will know that this new CPU's name is a call out to the original Intel 8086. Gregory Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of the client computing group at Intel, showed the chip running at 5GHz across all cores and scoring 7334 multi-core points in Cinebench. Intel's current top-end Core i9-7980XE, with a now pathetic 18 cores, is a $2000 CPU. The chip manufacturer also announced plans to release a 28-core, 5GHz chip later in the year. It has demonstrated the Intel Low Power Display Technology in a Dell XPS 13 laptop fitted with a special Sharp/Innolux 1W LCD screen, claiming that it boosted battery-life by between 4 and 8 hours, depending on usage.

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The Core i7-8086K has been unveiled nearly exactly 40 years after the launch of Intel's original 8086 processor, although the newer version will be overclockable and sports much more impressive specifications.

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