IPhone battery health menu first look

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Apple is also facing a U.S. House inquiry over the throttling of devices.

Apple fanboys are discovering that all those who splashed out their life savings on the gadget which could recognise their face, provided that they were not Chinese, are suffering from the problem. Battery replacement will bring the phone's performance to normal levels. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery to restore full performance and capacity.

So you have to keep this in your mind before updating your iPhone X with the latest iOS 11.3 Beta 2 update.

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The plan had initially been to begin the discounted replacements early in 2018, a timescale which was later changed, and the $29 swaps begin in December 2017.

Apple isn't even requiring iPhone batteries to reach the usual degradation threshold in order to qualify for the replacement, meaning anyone with an affected iPhone 6 or later can sign up. Apple said it was not throttling performance but managing "performance peaks", though this did result in overall slower performance in some instances.

In a support page, Apple has explained further how this performance management feature works. The reasons for getting a battery replaced are clearly more than just trying to avoid a slow-down issue most people didn't realize was in operation, after all.

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However, Apple has come under fire for the feature after it caused performance problems. These can be found in Settings Battery Battery Health (Beta). This program only applies to iPhone 7. In November, there was also the case of the annoying iOS 11.1 autocorrect bug, in which the letter "i" auto-corrected to "A". On newer devices that operate at full battery capacity such as the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8, you won't see a toggle to turn off the throttling feature. Meanwhile, sales of Apple's newest iPhone have been weaker than expected, to the point that Apple is reportedly going to stop production of the phone this coming summer. Apple claims that the newest models have "hardware updates" that give better performance management in the first place. It's everything which Apple promised and since this feature is in beta, we're certain that down the line things will improve by a huge margin. If this occurs, the operating system will automatically enable performance management. Second example shows when iOS is unable to determine state of battery. Performance is normal When the battery condition can support normal peak performance and does not have the performance management features applied, you'll see this message: Your battery is now supporting normal peak performance.

Apple says every iPhone has basic performance management systems that enhance the safety and protect the phone's components.

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