It's official! Apple announces iOS 12 with performance updates

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Some new hardware might also be in the cards as well, but we'll have to wait until Tim Cook takes the stage to find out. All iOS and macOS devices will support the new file format, as will popular third-party software such as all of the relevant apps in Adobe's Creative Cloud suite.

For heavy users, iOS 12 will provide weekly activity reports for how a user spends their time on their iPhone and iPad - including how often you pick up your device and which apps consume most of your time.

IOS 12 will be available on all devices that now support iOS 11, which is insane!

Apple News is getting a new "Browse" tab, as well as a new sidebar on the iPad. You need to go to the following web page using Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device:

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This preinstalled channel lets you live stream the event from San Francisco. It's shortcuts. You can create shortcuts for actions Siri could do - like finding your keys, ordering coffee, reserving tables, reminders.

Another example is if Siri detects you are running late for a meeting, it will suggest that you message the person who is hosting the meeting.

Screen Time: A new app that provides daily reports on how much time you are spending on your apps, what apps are sending you the most notifications, what type of apps you are using (productivity, social, and more). You will also be woken up to a new screen that gives you a summary of your day.

At one point, rumours were circulating that it would introduce universal applications that work across iPad, iPhone and Mac, but more recently the common consensus is that this won't be ready until 2019 or even later. It may be too soon for any big changes, but Apple could preview the Siri improvements it hopes to make. Apple wants you to see the Photos app as more than a dumb gallery and something approaching a service along the likes of Google Photos. After all, this is a developers conference, and not just a consumer show like the shorter iPhone X launch event was.

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FaceTime will support group calls going forward, with calls supporting up to 32 simultaneous users. You can limit your app usage, say Facebook, by setting a time limit and iOS will stop you after the time is up. You can now also group notifications with iOS 12. Yes.

Stocks: a new Stocks app re-design, with News integration, and available on the iPad. Called Assembly Square, the AR app identifies the model and turns it into a Lego world you can zoom in on. You "press in" to a notification and see a few options, like "Send to notification center". Curated business news will be accessible right in the Stocks app.

Replacing yourself with an Animoji/Memoji is now a thing, too.

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