Ivanka Trump Tweets a ‘Chinese Proverb,’ Only It’s Not Actually Chinese

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US President Donald Trump's daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump posted to Twitter this Monday, hours before Mr. Trump's face-to-face meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

People on the popular Chinese social media platform Weibo attempted to come up with a list of real Chinese proverbs that might match what Trump was trying to say.

Roberts' colleague Chen Gao, a senior Chinese language lecturer, also told The Independent: "Many Chinese started joking about their own Chinese language skills, because they can't think of any old sayings with the English equivalents", she said. "Chinese Proverb", wrote one user.

Eventually, the Global Times actually sourced the quote to a 1903 news article, declaring that "the phrase quoted by Ivanka has actually no relation to China".

"The foolish old man removed mountains", "a true gentleman should keep silent while watching a chess game" and "if you can do it, do it; if you can't, shut up", were some of the common sayings suggested by people.

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But some weren't as helpful, with one asking Ivanka if she found her quote via a fortune cookie.

Ivanka Trump is finding out that it is not wise to misattribute Chinese proverbs for fear of the wrath of Twitter.

China's social media has been abuzz with debate over the origin of the quote, screenshots of which have been widely shared among users on mainland China since Tuesday.

Unfortunately for Ivanka, the proverb is apparently not Chinese.

She quoted the tweet as having been said by Confucious, famous Chinese editor, philosopher, and politician when in reality the historical figure never had said anything remotely like that.

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Maybe next time, she will fact-check herself before she tweets - a lesson we all have to learn at some point.

"'This not even remotely an actual Chinese proverb.' - Chinese Proverb", angryasianman tweeted.

And it's all because of her Chinese proverb.

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, with Ivanka Trump at far left, at dinner at Mar-a-Lago a year ago.

In stepped his daughter though, and she seemed to have a profound take on the meeting, citing a "Chinese proverb" to highlight how historic the summit was.

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