Lions, tigers, jaguar escape German zoo

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Two lions, two tigers and a jaguar have escaped from a zoo in Lünebach in western Germany, police have said.

The drama peaked midmorning when the bear was discovered - and shot dead.

A flood-hit German town was locked down for several hours Friday over fears that five unsafe big cats had escaped a local zoo before they were found hiding in their soggy enclosures. Area residents were advised to stay in their houses, close their doors and windows and keep an eye out for the missing animals.

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The animals included two lions, two tigers, a bear and a jaguar, according to several news reports.

The animals were able to escape after flooding from an overnight storm that caused a river to burst its banks damaged their enclosures.

The storm had caused widespread devastation in the region, where many residents were Friday clearing muddy water from their cellars and removing downed trees.

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Large predators are among the main attractions at the zoo, which is home to about 60 different species, including Siberian tigers and African lions, on about 30 hectares of land.

This June 28, 2016 image show the lions Malor (behind) and the mother Lira in their enclosure in the Eifel Zoo, western Germany.

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