Microsoft is Planning to buy GitHub at $2 Billion

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However, CNBC mentions that the acquisition would be for a price of 5000 million dollars or more, according to the expectations of GitHub.

Talks about a possible acquisition have been made several times in recent years, but have continued more seriously in recent months during talks on a possible marketing partnership.

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In addition to millions of developers, they use GitHub and public agencies such as NASA and other major technology companies, including Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. Over the years, the site has become the most important central developer community. Github is one largest host of source code in the world, and a report in 2017 had revealed that the platform hosts more than 57 million repositories, and it has 20 million users.

Microsoft reportedly toyed with the idea of acquiring GitHub in the past too, including in 2016, although GitHub did not confirm those reports. Unfortunately, the report did not state whether the two companies are still discussing it or not. Interestingly, GitHub chose Microsoft because of Satya Nadella.

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However, Github will be material to Microsoft with developers.

Even as a non-developer, I "use" GitHub nearly daily to check out new projects or download some piece of software. Buying Github-again assuming Microsoft doesn't botch the integration-can only cement the software giant as a developer touch point. These would include Visual Studio Code software. Should Microsoft not screw this Github mojo up it's standing with developers will only improve.

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In August, GitHub announced that it was looking for a CEO to replace Chris Wanstrath, one of the company's co-founders. If Microsoft would acquire GitHub, Nat Friedman, a Microsoft executive who used to run Xamarin, might take the CEO role of GitHub.