North Korea Limits Family Reunions

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North Korea has cancelled its yearly anti-United States demonstration.

North Korea has deployed an estimated 1,000 artillery pieces along the border, posing a significant threat to Seoul and the metropolitan area.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may bring back the remains when he visits North Korea, according to Korean news reports.

The highly charged celebration marks the anniversary of the start of the Korean War.

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Kim's father Jong-il, by contrast, cultivated an image of preternatural drabness, shuffling about with his disheveled hairdo and shapeless anorak as he glumly inspected factories or army posts, and keeping his succession of wives well out of the limelight.

In another sign of detente following the summit between leader Kim Jong-un and President Trump, North Korea has made a decision to skip one of the most symbolic and politically charged events of its calendar: the annual "anti-US imperialism" rally marking the start of the Korean War.

"There always will be challenges and there is work to do, but none of this could have happened without the commitment of the two senior leaders", Pompeo said, "and so long as that commitment stays in place, the United States is prepared to do exactly what the president said, which is create a brighter future for North Korea and provide security assurances for the North Korean people".

But critics have said the encounter between the two mercurial leaders was more style than substance, producing a document short on details about the key issue of the North's atomic weapons.

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But doing so would represent a fundamental change on the peninsula: there has been no direct civilian communication between the two Koreas since their division was sealed by the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War - not even post. Nearly all of them are over 70 years old. The Ministry of Unification says there are now about 56,000 registered separated family members in South Korea.

President Trump gives briefing after summit with Kim Jong Un, says the past does not have to define the future, says North Korea agreed to destroy a "major" missile testing site and the US will stop war games.

The 1950-53 Korean War, and the devastation the country suffered at the hands of the USA and its allies, remain a major part of every North Korean's education.

Mattis is on a trip to Asia in which he will visit Japan, South Korea and China.

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This story was reported by The Associated Press.