North Korea's Kim hails 'unity' with China in new visit

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TOKYO-The foreign ministers of Japan and the Philippines on Wednesday agreed that United Nations sanctions against North Korea need to be strictly implemented for it to take meaningful action toward denuclearization.

While China was not present at the June 12 summit in Singapore, it lent Kim a plane to travel to the city-state, a clear sign that it remains an influential force in the diplomatic shuffle.

Kim Jong Un concluded a two-day whirlwind visit to China Wednesday, where he declared North Korea's unstinting "friendship" with Beijing in a show of loyalty to his main ally following a landmark summit with US President Donald Trump. It is estimated that North Korea may still hold remains of some 200 U.S. troops.

The U.S. and South Korea said on Tuesday that they had agreed to suspend a joint military exercise set for August.

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But the city suddenly cancelled all preparations late Wednesday after being instructed by the government that "drills should be postponed for the time being following a change in the environment after the US-North Korea summit", he said. Xi offered high praise to the North Korean leader on Tuesday for the "positive outcome" of last week's summit with Trump.

Kim visited an agricultural institute run by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences before meeting Xi on Wednesday, KCNA said, where he observed vegetables being grown inside.

While an agreement to complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization (CVID) between American and North Korean officials was nothing but a pipe dream, there was hope that President Donald Trump would be able to extract significant commitments from Kim Jong-un in return for simply agreeing to meet him.

Beijing and Washington have held three rounds of high-level trade talks since early May but have failed to address Mr. Trump's impatience to reduce a US trade deficit that hit $376 billion previous year.

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USA military officials said on Wednesday that the UN Command, the US-led coalition that fought the war, was planning to oversee the repatriation of more remains which could happen in the next few days. Just 23 percent of Americans say they're very or extremely confident in his ability to handle complex foreign policy situations, while 53 percent are not very or not at all confident. It said that those remains that Pyongyang has already identified as USA servicemen, thought be number about 200, would be repatriated at once.

So far, Chinese officials have avoided explicitly linking the North Korea crisis and US tariff threats. "I was living on the border, so we were friends with the military border guards".

Some lawmakers and experts said the North received a major concession - reversing decades of US military posture in the region, with joint exercises at the heart of readiness efforts against the rogue regime - while the United States seemingly receiving nothing in return.

Former president Barack Obama supported South Korea's rejection of a nuclearized North Korea and said threats from North Korea would result in its isolation from the global community.

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Another element of the Singapore joint statement was a North Korean promise to hand over remains of USA soldiers, marines and airmen still unaccounted for since the 1950-53 Korean war. "Those discussions are also ongoing right now, but I don't have any updates for you", he told reporters.