Oops! 'Fox and Friends' host calls Trump a 'dictator'

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Trump, an avid Fox & Friends viewer, has yet to comment.

On Sunday, both President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in Singapore for the historic meeting which Trump said was more about attidude than preparation. During a segment about Trump's forthcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un, Huntsman accidentally referred to Trump as a "dictator", according to Newsweek.

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It's likely that The Mooch was too busy fantasizing about photoshopping Steve Bannon into the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and thus, didn't even notice Trump was called a dictator on national Conservative television. Scaramucci didn't say anything about her word choice, instead praising Trump for being a "disruptive risk-taker". "He's willing to break what would be the usual bonds of not going to a meeting like this", Scaramucci responded, blissfully unmoved by the moment. "On live TV sometimes you don't always say things perfectly", she said. Huntsman was discussing Donald Trump's arrival and his meeting with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un scheduled in Singapore.

Kim Jong-un has echoed President's Trump's belief that you can know how complex worldwide negotiations on highly technical matters of nuclear technology will go from the outset if you rely on touch and feel. I did not mean that, my mistake.

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But the daughter of US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman later apologised on air for what she had said.

"We all have slip ups in life, I have many".

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