Paul raccoon reaches roof after death-defying climb up downtown tower

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Dubbed the MPR Raccoon, the little guy was first spotted by a local radio station in Minnesota and soon, he became world-wide news.

Building maintenance workers tried help the masked animal by rigging up a 20-foot piece of lumber with the hope the raccoon would climb down. At one point, a small crowd had gathered on the street to see what would happen next.

It was dubbed the #MPRraccoon because Minnesota Public Radio, whose offices are in a nearby building, documented the animal's long, odd trip.

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Minnesota got its very own friendly neighborhood Spider-Raccoon Tuesday - and Twitter can't look away.

A raccoon stretches out on a windowsill high above downtown St. Paul, Minn., Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

By midafternoon, the raccoon had ventured an additional 10 stories up, its claws somehow digging in enough to continue. He said the animal had been stranded on the building for at least two days.

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It was filmed stretching and grooming itself on a ledge on the 23rd floor of the building, apparently nonchalant about both the deadly drop and its new social media fame. (Picture: Evan Frost/ Minnesota Public Radio via AP) Today, those tracking the woodland creature's progress as it climbed the toward breathed a sigh of relief as it reached safety.

Chelsey DeMers, assistant general manager of Wildlife Management Services, said the raccoon was caught in a live trap baited with cat food on top of UBS Plaza before dawn Wednesday.

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