'Permit Patty' calls cops on girl selling water in San Francisco

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There is growing backlash against a San Francisco woman who allegedly called police on an 8-year-old black girl selling water.

The girl had been selling bottled water, which the woman said is illegal to do without a permit.

"She's calling the police on an 8-year-old little girl", Austin can be heard saying on-camera.

Austin says she is not sure if race was a factor for the woman who reported it, but said that woman was filled with hate for calling the police on such a young girl. "The whole world is going to see you", the mother filming the scene says.

The woman on the phone then snaps back: "And illegally selling water without a permit?"

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In an interview with Huffington Post, Ettel said calling the police had no "racial component" to it and that it was about Austin "screaming".

The woman who called 911 in that case was dubbed "bbqbecky" online, in reference to the derisive term "Beckys" for white women. "Please don't make me sound disgusting", she said, adding she has been receiving threats online and also texts with sexually violent messages. "So I said, 'Ok, call the cops.' And she did".

She also said her issue was not with the selling of the water, it was because the girl and her relatives were screaming loudly to advertise their product.

Ettel admits her actions were "stupid" and hopes to keep her reputation intact. She added, "It was literally nonstop". Now, we've found her successor in "Permit Patty".

Austin posted a video on Instagram stories showing her daughter out selling water again. "I never expected all of this to come from me posting a video of a woman who was harassing my daughter".

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As we've seen time and time again, weaponizing the police against people of color for something that one personally does not like often results in death.

She is listed as one of the six women being followed for an in-production documentary that says it "follows the journey of six female entrepreneurs", ranging from "multi-generational farmers to visionary entrepreneurs to medicinal marijuana activists".

"Permit Patty" comes at the heals of "Barbecue Becky" and "Jogger Joe", white people derided on the Internet for calling the police on non-white or impoverished folk.

She shared an update on Instagram a few hours later, thanking her supporters and denouncing the haters, telling them to "kiss [her] and [her] kids' a**es".

"I'm upset she had to go through this", said Austin.

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