Raccoon scales St. Paul office tower, internet goes wild

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The building's formal name is UBS Plaza.

A raccoon's journey up the side of a St. Paul, Minnesota skyscraper Tuesday and Wednesday caught the interest of onlookers and many others on social media.

The animal interrupted work and caused anxiety for many who feared for its safety as it progressed up the UBS Tower in Minnesota, intermittently stopping to rest on ledges. The animal made it to the roof, where the baited traps were waiting.

There is not a whole lot that St. Paul Animal Control can do because a rescue mission would be too unsafe for both the raccoon and the workers. The story was picked up by Minnesota Public Radio and the raccoon's saga - with the hashtag "mprraccoon" went viral.

By Tuesday afternoon, the raccoon had its own Twitter account, with its first tweet saying, "I made a big mistake".

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"A law firm in the office tower - whose window ledge housed the raccoon for a number of hours Tuesday - says that building management told them the animal had been trapped", Nelson tweeted.

The raccoon became stranded on a ledge of the Town Square office building a couple days ago, according to MPR News reporter Tim Nelson.

Officials said the raccoon, which was healthy if a bit bedraggled after climbing more than 24 stories, is now running free after being released in a residential neighborhood in the southwest Twin Cities metro city of Shakopee.

The St. Paul Raccoons jerseys will be auctioned off with proceeds being donated to the Minnesota Wildlife Services.

Building maintenance workers tried help the masked animal by rigging up a 20-foot piece of lumber with the hope the raccoon would climb down.

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It was confirmed that the raccoon had been released back into the wild at an undisclosed location earlier today.

On Tuesday, building maintenance workers were able to get the poor little guy to move, but he unfortunately took a more risky route, climbing UBS Tower next door.

The climb seemed gravity-defying to those with an up-close view, earning it the nickname "spider-raccoon". As night began to fall, the raccoon started to descend the building slowly, before moving literally around it, and then climbing up again.

"Raccoons don't think ahead very much, so raccoons don't have very good impulse control", Valdivia said.

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