Second-generation Ryzen Threadripper will have 32 cores, 64 threads

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Under the hood, 2nd Gen Threadripper processors will be built using the 12nm process, similar to AMD's 2nd Gen Ryzen processors, which debuted the refined Zen+ architecture.

AMD Threadripper 2 will be available in various configurations. Currently, the most powerful Ryzen Threadripper chip is the 1950X, which comes with 16 cores and 32 threads. AMD showcased two models: one featuring 24 CPU cores and 48 threads and another featuring 32 CPU cores and 64 threads. During the AMD press conference at Computex today CEO Dr. Lisa Su stood on stage and held up the first public showing of Rome, the codename for AMD's next-generation EPYC enterprise processor family.

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The beastly 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper has four 8-core Ryzen dies on-package connected with AMD's Infinity Fabric.

Not to be left behind, Intel showed off its own upcoming high-core-count processor at Computex 2018, which will compete with AMD in the high-end desktop market. We should also mention that the incoming crop of Ryzen Threadripper processors are still compatible with the TR4 socket, which means that they will be able to drop-in to current motherboards without issue (after a quick BIOS update, of course). The 24-core Threadripper finished a 3D rendering of a video frame in 29 seconds, while the Intel chip hadn't finished by the time the demo was over.

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The second generation of Threadripper CPUs is set to launch in the third quarter of 2018.

Going to 7nm allowed the company to double compute unit density, improve power efficiency by 2x and boost performance by 1.35x.

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