TMZ: 'Roseanne' reboot in the works at ABC, without Roseanne

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Executive producer Whitney Cummings, actors Michael Fishman, John Goodman, Jayden Rey, Roseanne Barr, Sara Gilbert, Sarah Chalke and Emma Kenney attend The Roseanne Series Premiere at the The Walt Disney Studios on March 23, 2018, in Burbank, California.

'Everyone is upset for the cast and the crew, but there was always a feeling that something was going to happen. "She's not intentionally hurtful", said the magazine's unnamed source.

Continuing Roseanne without Barr attached in any form may prove challenging.

The ABC source added, 'But you just hold your breath until it does. But then it all fell apart'. "They all loved each other on the Roseanne set".

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As most of you know, the network pulled the plug on Roseanne earlier this week, nearly immediately after its star and executive producer, Roseanne Barr, published a racist remark directed at former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. It's barely a tweet", and "her excuse for tweeting it was [also] bad.

The shamed actress pledged to quit social media in the wake of the drama but has continued to make several freaky statements online, including one where she blamed the sleep aid Ambien for her racist tweets.

That means that while Carsey-Warner owns and produces Roseanne, if a sans Roseanne reboot goes forward, Barr could potentially financially benefit from her stake in the pot, something the Hollywood Reporter reported is a definite no-go for ABC execs looking to distance themselves from Barr.

Saying Roseanne "will always be my friend", Maher nonetheless said, "She has said she has multiple personalities and, unfortunately, one of them is quite racist".

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JR on his drug abuse of Ambien and how it can make you do "funny things": "I was a 10 year, decade long, Ambien abuser..." I'd worked doing publicity [for] them [for] free for weeks, traveling, thru bronchitis. "I begged4 ppls jobs", she wrote. On Thursday, she claimed that she "begged" the network to keep the show on the air prior to the cancellation.

Michelle Wolf slammed ABC in a new episode of her Netflix show for hiring Roseanne Barr despite her history of being "openly racist".

Now there could be a spinoff with Gilbert's character, Darlene Conner.

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