Treatment of immigrant children dehumanizing

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Parents hoping to claim their migrant children from the Department of Health and Human Services will soon have to provide fingerprints if they wish to be reunited with their kids. Republican leadership has consistently told conservatives pushing the bill that it would not have almost enough Republican votes to pass.

Image showing illegal immigrants in cages enrages liberals who in turn blame Trump.

They have not said information gathered by HHS will be used for enforcement purposes, but a year ago, top officials at Immigration and Customs Enforcement proposed adopting such measures to discourage parents who send for their children by hiring "coyote" smugglers to bring them to the United States from Central America.

And when it comes to immigrant children, we're getting about as close to torture as you can get.

Trump has lashed out at Nielsen and other aides because the number of people illegally crossing the Mexican border has spiked, robbing his ability to campaign on promises of improved border security. They also put the lie to sacred principles that Republican politicians have long claimed to stand for, chiefly: family values and rule of law. While they wait for hearings, they have to be placed in the "least restrictive setting possible", and are typically placed with family members in the US or in some sort of foster home, unless officials determine they need to be placed in a secure facility.

Al Cardenas, former chairman of the American Conservative Union and former head of Florida's Republican Party, tweeted this week that, "Maybe sadly we need to call upon" the United Nations and the Organization of American States "to look into our 3rd world policy of separating forcibly children from their parents".

The new policy will be enacted after Homeland Security and HHS finalize their memorandum, and will not require the approval of Congress. NBC noted that "it is unclear whether the agencies will allow the fingerprints to be used for immigration enforcement in the agreement".

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The administration argues that it's treating the lawbreakers the same as anyone who is prosecuted and ends up in jail.

Trump said that Democrats should be pressured to dispose of a law that divides children and parents once they cross the US border; however, he is spreading false information that is unrelated to the issue of the lost children, as they weren't separated from their families. Chief of Staff John F. Kelly has described family separation as an unpalatable but necessary deterrent to illegal migration.

"The children will be taken care of - put into foster care or whatever".

Critics of Trump's policies say the President is willfully confusing the issue and exploiting the welfare of children as the administration drives home its zero tolerance immigration policy.

You may have seen pictures of children being held in detention facilities.

Trump is right to want to get a handle on the border.

"Steven Wagner, appearing assistant secretary for youngsters and households, stated this system " being abused. However it's an advanced problem not simply summed as much as 280-word tweets and single photographs - which the president weighed in on this morning.

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"We do place kids with families that are themselves here illegally", he said, "so you could imagine that many of those would not choose to speak to a federal official calling them on the phone".

Now activists are trying to transform public anger at this policy into political pressure.

"There is no question that gangs, like MS-13, are a danger in our communities".

Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro is organizing a #WhereAreTheChildren rally in San Antonio on Thursday that is likely to be only one of many Democratic efforts to appeal to their own base following Trump's assault. "These are the typical symptoms of young children who have been separated from a parent".

Alan Gomez, immigration reporter for USA Today.

Advocates note that many families attempting to enter the US are seeking asylum from gangs and criminal activities in their home countries, and as such are not breaking the law.

The group is getting close to the 218 signatures it needs to automatically trigger a vote - after winning the support of nearly all Democrats.

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