U.S. offers Kim 'unique' guarantees ahead of talks

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The state-run Global Times daily on Monday crowed, "China has played an important role in setting stage for the Trump-Kim summit" - by providing a charter plane that took Kim to Singapore.

He emphasized that the US government's efforts to reach an agreement with North Korea are being handled by diplomats and he did not want to "say anything at all that makes their job that they're responsible for more hard".

After 70 years, chances are that another cold war - one between the North and South Koreas - may come to an end.

He has also convinced the North Korean people that nuclear weapons are their only savior from an invasion by the U.S. But Kim, who was educated in Switzerland, has also promised to transform North Korea's economy and the lives of its people.

After he took office in January 2017, Trump took a hard line against North Korea, rolling out a campaign of severe United Nations sanctions and trade blockades dubbed "maximum pressure" to get Pyongyang to abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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Diplomatic analysts, regardless, are of the opinion that there's no chance that the talks could fail.

His earlier visits to North Korea included a basketball game he organised, an event chronicled in the documentary film "Big Bang in Pyongyang", which featured Rodman singing "Happy Birthday" to Kim, as well as scenes of inebriated and erratic behaviour by the basketball Hall of Famer.

After a series of incendiary messages and social media posts on Twitter between Kim and President Trump, the North Korean leader asked for the meeting.

Trump was open to staying in Singapore longer in case things went well and North Korea wanted to continue the discussion, according to reports.

Trump and Kim will first meet one-on-one in a closed session, before a larger meeting with key advisers, the White House said.

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Trump will meet Tuesday morning with Kim, with only translators present.

As reported by the Straits Times, Pompeo further said that the sanctions would remain until "verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation" was achieved.

After Trump's stern speech about North Korea's nuclear weapon program last November, Kim's government responded by calling the US president an "old lunatic" - to which Trump responded by passively calling the North Korean leader "short and fat".

After, a bilateral meeting will take place. "Tomorrow, we will get our clearest indication to date whether Chairman Kim Jong-un shares this vision", Pompeo said.

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