Warriors vs. Cavaliers, Game 2

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The Golden State Warriors may hold the early series advantage in the 2018 NBA Finals, but they were far from flawless in Game 1 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. I don't want nobody to get suspended. "That last play is over, it's behind us, and now we've got to move on".

"They guys' confidence is not shaken".

Hill, a 10-year veteran playing in the Finals for the first time, called it the most disappointing loss of his career. Plus, coming up with a new strategy to defend James might be a good idea. The team shot 51.1 percent from the field while sinking of their 20 free throws.

They saw LeBron James manufacture his personal greatest playoff scoring game ever. "I'm not sure a player of that caliber requires something, an assist to get him going". It looks worse than it did during the game, but it feels better.

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Klay Thompson also started 2 for 2, showing no signs of trouble with his ankle that was sore after a Game 1 collision.

ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst said on "The Lowe Post" podcast that Curry told James something to the extent of, "Boy, you couldn't let me have that one?" in a joking manner, as the game was essentially over. "It's something you definitely don't want to have in the National Basketball Association championship".

Hopefully Green remembers his desire to keep the aggression off the court, it would be a shame if things got even uglier in Game 2. He had played only three minutes in the conference finals against Houston, when Golden State went with smaller lineups to match the Rockets' perimeter shooters. It shouldn't be a prom dance.

He initially said after the game that he knew what the score, but now, it appears he has gone back on this and has now openly admitted what many believed when watching the final seconds of Game 1's regulation time unfold. So, Lue was asked, can James play any better as the series goes on? "I'm not going to meet you at the bus".

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Hill said he couldn't sleep last night, reliving the missed free throw. While there's plenty of things to talk about, there's one topic that completely overshadows everything else: J.R. Smith's gaffe during the final few seconds of regulation. "J.R. can shake off anything, and when everybody tends to count J.R. out, that's when he comes through".

And it hasn't changed Lue's belief in the Cavs' chances against the Warriors. "Obviously, we all know what happened in the game". Put ourselves in a (position) to win the game. We can't dwell on it; we can't live on that because then we won't be able to perform in Game 2.

In order for the Cavaliers to challenge again in Game 2, they'll need additional contributions from their supporting cast, while the Warriors must receive stellar shooting performances from their collection of superstars.

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