WWDC 2018 will be all about software: No new hardware announcements

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Something Apple is expected to unveil at WWDC is its Digital Health initiative-a collection of settings and usage monitoring tools that will help people break their device addiction. There's also a chance the company could discuss the future of some of its most important products, like an updated iPad Pro that's been rumored for months, as well as a Mac Pro desktop it plans to release next year.

If so, Apple will introduce the larger features - which were originally penned for iOS 12 - during 2019. These changes will be the most notable external enhancements since the Watch launched about three years ago, but the new models will still support watch bands from earlier models, another person said.

That's because Apple may be introducing a new function that would allow you to unlock your vehicle and house doors with your iPhone.

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While it's unlikely we'll see a new iPhone at WWDC, the event could be the ideal place for Apple to reveal its eagerly awaited wireless charging system, called AirPower. It launched the iAd platform in 2010, where app developers could insert Apple's technology into their apps and users would be shown programmatically placed ads in the app. Unlike a year ago, there will be no announcements pertaining to the company's Mac lineup. Oh, and don't expect Apple to announce its next MacBooks nor its new iPad Pros until later this year.

This year could see an update to the popular iPhone SE which may now include a fully edge-to-edge display similar to that seen on the iPhone X.

Many also expect Apple will more forcefully enter the debate into digital health and questions of what responsibilities it bears to keep people from using their phones too much.

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Apple eventually hopes to make the Apple TV the main viewing hub for its upcoming war chest of original video, so the company will need to maintain interest in the device.

It's nearly a certainty that Apple will provide updates on new software at WWDC.

According to the Wall Street Journal, since last September when iOS 11 was rolled out, there have been 14 software updates from Apple that fixed 67 problems with the operating system. In April, it poached a top Google executive to lead its machine learning and AI efforts.

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