Wynne Stepping Down As Ontario Liberal Leader After Election Disaster

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Mailed vote-by-mail ballots that are postmarked on or before Election Day and received within three days of Election Day are eligible to be counted.

For a few short weeks, Andrea Horwath appeared tantalizingly close to the Ontario premier's office - a prize that proved elusive once again on Thursday for the veteran politician who has led the provincial New Democrats for nearly a decade.

Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford.

Of course she had wanted to accomplish a lot, Horwath said, "but we now have another job, and the people of Ontario have asked us to hold this Ford Conservative government to account".

Ford's election swept aside the Liberal Party, which had been in charge for almost 15 years. My dad today when I took him, he and my mum, to vote, he was talking about how his mum talked so much about not having been able to vote until she was 30 or so and he says it's just like yesterday he remembers that.

He grabbed his brother's former city council seat when Rob Ford was mayor, and stepped in as a Toronto mayoral candidate when cancer forced his brother to give up on running for a second term.

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While the election was called just 15 minutes after polls closed, with a PC majority government, the rest of the tallying was a nail-biter for the Liberals.

Ford claims he will reduce taxes and keep more money in everyone's pockets.

He did not release a fully costed platform, prompting his rivals to warn of massive cuts to public services under a Tory government. Hard questions are one thing; petty attacks are another as more than one tried to lob Friday with a repeated focus on the lawsuit from the widow of Rob Ford and suggestions his government would be mired with "chaos".

The Conservatives, led by Ford, are on track to win the majority of seats in Ontario provincial legislature, Canadian television networks projected on Thursday.

The race was thrown open for this election when the incumbent and prominent Liberal Liz Sandals announced she would not run again.

Wynne has declined to say whether she'll stay on as party leader, but many expect her to step down.

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In some ways, Ford's win echoes the rise of populism in countries such as Poland, Hungary and Italy, said Ian Lee, a professor at Carleton University.

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne also painted New Democrats as radical ideologues and urged left-leaning voters to stop Horwath from forming a majority government.

On the morning after the night before, Premier-designate Doug Ford - while the chattering classes and assorted other leftist teat-suckers were busy licking their wounds - made it clear he'd already gotten down to business.

People are exhausted and resources are thin following the campaign, he said, and the party would do better to bide its time.

Ford succeeds Kathleen Wynne, a five-year incumbent who conceded last week that she was headed for defeat.

"They've been laid lower than they've ever been before, (their loss) is not the single worst disaster for a major political party in Canada but it ranks up there", he said.

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They will need at least eight seats to retain official party status. Thank you @Kathleen_Wynne for all you have done for Ontario. Some electors may be voting in a different location or electoral district for this election.