Amazon to Extend Prime Day on July 16 to 36 Hours

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Last year, the e-commerce giant introduced its global sale event in India.

Prime Exclusive Deals of the Day will start from Monday July 9 with one new deal each day until Monday July 16. This "epic" 36 hour event will offer some of the best deals you will see on Amazon (or anywhere else) all year long. If you haven't yet, sign up here for Amazon Prime, and enjoy a 30-day free trial.

From my experience, many Prime Day deals aren't necessarily "deals". Then on Prime Day, you can check your shopping cart and Amazon will automatically change the price on those products to whatever the sales price is. Prime Day 2018 is expected to surpass that success.

Prime Day is not just about the consumers, Ghani said, but also about the small and medium-sized businesses selling through the retailer. Amazon raised the price 20% in May, to $119 a year.

Save $100 on Echo Show, which brings you everything you love about Alexa (and more).

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Another major product category that gets the most attention is smartphones.

On Prime Day, we'll be posting up the best deals we can find for you, so prepare your method of payment for the festivities. And at its more than a dozen Amazon Books stores, discounts will expand beyond devices.

These were some of the best deals on the site past year.

Amazon Prime gives shoppers faster delivery and cheaper offers regularly in exchange for an annual subscription fee. If you don't buy more than a few products each month and you're comfortable with slow shipping, you're not an ideal user for Prime. If you're planning to get a Fire tablet, Fire TV, or an Echo, you may want to check out Amazon.

Amazon launched Prime in Australia last month, offering free 2-day shipping, access to Prime Video, Books, Twitch streaming and cheaper worldwide shipping for $59/year or $4.99/month until the 31st of January 2019 when it jumps to $6.99/month - as well as getting a free 30-day trial to start you off.

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As Amazon mentions here, the savings won't only be on Amazon's website.

These are the deals starting today.

There's a catch, though: it will be smaller than in other countries after Amazon's protest over the GST.

First off, go in with an idea of what you're after.

You can also stay tuned with us here at, because we'll be posting highlights from the sale that we know fellow gamers will enjoy.

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