Android users get YouTube's dark mode

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It also says that it can be turned on and off in the app's settings. After all, there are already too many app developers coming first to iOS and only to Android later (or never) that Google doesn't need to make matters worse.

Similarly iOS users could take advantage of dark mode by also clicking on their profile within the app, then settings before switching the toggle for the new theme on.

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The alternative theme exchanges YouTube's white backgrounds and menus for a deep grey, aiming to alleviate the eye strain associated with brighter light when viewing in a darker room or at nighttime.

Do you have the dark theme option available?

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YouTube is the world's most popular streaming service. This way, the initial loading experience is now less jarring to see.

We've asked YouTube whether this is a permanent change that's rolling out to all users or just some sort of test, and will update this article when we hear from them. Still, it's nice to see some variation within the app, especially since it hasn't received a design update for a long time. If the feature is available, you will be notified about it when you open the YouTube app.

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Desktop users are able to access the feature by clicking their profile on the top right hand corner and switching the dark mode toggle to on. Whether that happened automatically or he forgot to mention that it needed to be enabled first, we'll never know.