Ant-Man and the Wasp Conquers the Weekend Box Office with $76M

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The superhero film starring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly nabbed an estimated $76 million in North America this weekend. Check out the rest of the box office numbers over at Box Office Mojo. However, before that's considered an issue, while Ultron only delivered a 2.4x multiplier, Homecoming delivered a 2.86x multiplier, the sixth best in the franchise, and the first Ant-Man enjoyed a healthy 3.15x multiplier.

The Incredibles 2 earned enough to score a second place spot at the box office this weekend, where it pulled in $29 million.

For those who watched Ant-Man and The Wasp, the post-credits scene was one to stay and watch. It was also a 33% increase over the original "Ant Man", which earned $57.2 million in its opening weekend in 2015.

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Industry prognosticators were placing the sequel at $80 to $85 million after that juggernaut event, and while Disney set the floor for Ant-Man and the Wasp in their own projections at $70 million, this isn't exactly an exciting number for the Mouse House.

With $161 million in ticket sales and an 86 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes, Ant-Man and The Wasp did what a good sequel should do by improving over the original. Across 20 films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought in US$17 billion globally. The latest MCU production also continued the trend in topping the box office during its opening weekend, a feat that every movie in the MCU has accomplished. Currently, Ant-Man And The Wasp has only opened in 48% of the global markets, so we can expect its worldwide box office to grow substantially in the coming weeks.

"We are really thrilled about the results", Cathleen Taff, Disney's head of domestic distribution, said. Brazil's box office numbers were lower than average, which can be linked to the country's performance in the World Cup.

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Elsewhere, Sony's Sicario: Day of the Soldado picked up another $7.3 million, taking the domestic tally to $35 million and rounding out the top 5. Internationally, Incredibles 2 has made US$269 million.

At the specialty box office, Roadside Attractions and Miramax's "Whitney" bowed with $1.3 million from 452 locations. Highlights include an impressive $20.9 million opening in South Korea followed by Mexico ($6.7m), Indonesia ($5.6m), Russian Federation ($4.9m), Australia ($4.7m), Taiwan ($4.6m), Hong Kong ($3.6m), Brazil ($3.5m), Philippines ($3.1m), Malaysia ($3.0m), Thailand ($3.0m). Boots Riley's film brought in $717,302 when it opened in 16 theaters. In five weeks, the documentary on Fred Rogers has amassed an impressive US$12.4 million.

The 2018 box office, which just hit US$6.5 billion, is up 9 per cent from past year, according to ComScore.

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