Blockbusters in Alaska set to close; 1 store left in US

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Also breaking now Andy. there's only one blockbuster left in all of America.

Two of the three remaining Blockbuster video locations in the US will soon close, according to an announcement made Thursday. Although, as noted by Deadline Hollywood, the shuttering Anchorage and Fairbanks stores will reopen on Tuesday to sell off their inventory through August. And now Andy, there's one left - and its in Bend, Oregon. We have thought of you as family for the past 28 years. "I can't tell you how much it means to us". But the guy who owns the Alaskan stores determined 9 months ago that keeping the operation afloat at any level just no longer made any sense, not even for nostalgic reasons.

So it seems like if you want to relive your greatest Blockbuster memories, you still have time.

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"We regret to inform you that our North Pole store will be closing", Blockbuster Alaska wrote on its Facebook page.

Texas and Alaska used to be popular locations for Blockbuster because of the poor quality of high-speed internet service and high prices.

Now, the managers told the Anchorage Daily News the memorabilia will likely go back to its owner, and residents will have to find their movies another way. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and was bought out by Dish Network in 2011.

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The final two Blockbusters in Alaska are said to still be very profitable. In May, John Oliver and HBO even donated a freaky assortment of Russell Crowe paraphernalia to one of the Anchorage stores that announced plans to close on Thursday. The last two Alaska store leases end in August. The manager of the Fairbanks store located on College Road declined to comment on the closing.

While Blockbusters began disappearing across the 2013, Alaska remained a lucrative market for the rental video company. Giving people recommendations, or checking the return box a for the tenth time just to see a little kid's face light up when you hand them the latest animated film.

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