Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile is now throttling video and mobile hotspots

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Xfinity Mobile users will soon lose the ability to stream video in 720p. Comcast spins this change by saying it will "help you save money if you pay By the Gig and take longer to reach the 20 GB threshold if you have the Unlimited data option".

There is a way to work around this for now, though. Later this year, however, it will charge for 720p streaming, and it reportedly does not have plans to allow 1080p streaming or higher over cellular.

Comcast Xfinity Mobile is the internet service provider's cellular plan (powered by Verizon's network) which includes talk, text and mobile data.

Xfinity Mobile, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator owned by Comcast, has announced new restrictions on video quality and hotspot speeds.

Do you know about Xfinity Mobile?

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Comcast made the announcement in a statement to its Xfinity Mobile customers.

Video streaming will drop from 720p to 480p, and hotspot speeds will cap at 600Kbps.

For By the Gig customers: hotspot data remains at full speed and is charged as such.

"If you have the Unlimited data option, your speeds on any device connected to a personal hotspot will not exceed 600kbps", Comcast told customers.

The second change unlimited users will notice is slower speeds when hotspotting.

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The Wireless industry is an ever-changing world where big ideas come along daily.

What Comcast is referring to here is likely the throttling that occurs after an Unlimited customer uses up 20GB of data during a given billing cycle.

Good things never last, and that doubly goes for unlimited data plans.

So, the telco has made a decision to implement throttling on all of its customers when they are on an LTE or CDMA network. The company says that this change is going to aid subscribers to "conserve data", and that this can also help them save money if they pay "By the Gig and take longer to reach the 20GB threshold if you have the Unlimited data option".

On the 600kbps tethering limit, Comcast told customers, "At this speed, you'll conserve data so that it takes longer to reach the 20GB threshold, but you'll still be able to do numerous online activities you enjoy".

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