Harley-Davidson Announces Pan America Adventure Motorcycle for 2020

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In all, Harley-Davidson said it plans to release 100 new motorcycles over the next 10 years. "We intend to enter into a strategic alliance in Asia to expedite market entry and increase brand access and volume, bridge to our larger motorcycles, leverage a world-class partner's manufacturing scale and retail footprint and enable an accessible price point for premium small displacement market entry", the spokesperson added.

To further expand its market Harley will also introduce a new modular 500cc-1250cc middleweight platform motorcycles that span three distinct product spaces and four displacements.

Titled "More Roads to Harley-Davidson", US motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson (H-D), revealed its marketing and product plan through to 2022.

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We first rode the LiveWire prototype some years ago and came away quite enthusiastic about the new machine which thanks to a strategically straight-cut gear drive was the first electric machine to actually sound good!

On top of smaller bikes for foreign markets, and an electric model next year, Harley is launching its first adventure touring motorcycle, the Pan America. Harley-Davidson's President and CEO Matt Levatich has stated that he is pushing hard to reverse the company's state of affairs, and defended the decision to shift production elsewhere from U.S. due to increased European Union tariffs - fuelled by Donald Trump's domestic enforcements. All they're saying is that the adventure bike will arrive in 2020, along with a new 975 cc Streetfighter sports bike and a new 1250 cc Custom.

Harley-Davidson isn't giving out any more technical information just yet. Harley-Davidson has facilities in Brazil, India and Thailand to tap those high-growth, emerging markets.

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On electric bikes, it said Livewire will be the first in a broad, no-clutch "twist and go" portfolio of electric two-wheelers "designed to establish the company as the leader in the electrification of the sport". Livewire will be supplemented by small and lighter electric motorcycles in the years leading up to 2022.

"While Harley's preference is to manufacture all of its bikes from the USA", the company has had to invest in plants overseas over the last 20 years to offset costly tariffs that make its bikes unaffordable in other countries, Levatich said.

Harley will be developing a new flexible architecture to spawn motorcycles from 500-1250 cc segments while the 250-500 cc bikes in the pipeline will appeal for the masses in India.

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