Here's Even More Evidence Of Microsoft's Rumoured Dual-Screen Surface

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Last month, we had reported that Microsoft is actively working on a new platform codenamed "Andromeda OS", and a new device codenamed "Factory OS Andromeda Device".

According to internal documents from Microsoft, Andromeda will be "a new pocketable Surface device form factor that brings together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience". It's supposed to be released this year, so expect it to appear somewhere this Autumn.

The device will allegedly have a foldable display that bridges the gap of the hinge when it's fully opened.

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Microsoft's long-rumored Surface device that can be folded in half has, well, surfaced yet again - this time via a leaked document from Microsoft.

To recap, Andromeda is the code name for an underground Microsoft project.

While the picture posted on Twitter does not qualify for official confirmation that Microsoft is actively working on its Andromeda project, but the tweet of the upcoming dual-screen/hinge device does indicate that an official reveal of the device may happen sooner rather than later. Just don't call it a Surface Phone, OK? You can see a caricature of Panay in the left frame thanking the LG Display team pictured on the right.

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Microsoft's Surface range could one day include a folding, dual-screen device. In the document, Microsoft talks about how the device has been incubated internally for years, and describes Andromeda as "new and disruptive" for the market.

The Verge notes that Microsoft's "current engineering samples" resemble 3D concept art created by the Austria-based designer David Breyer, who used existing patents as a guide.

It's possible Microsoft could choose to launch the device alongside the next major Windows 10 Update, likely to be called the Fall Creators Update 2018, this September.

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