Immigration enforcement is like liberating a town in combat: Donald Trump

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Congressman Mark Pocan says he plans to introduce legislation to abolish the agency.

Several top Democratic critics of Trump, some of them eyeing a possible 2020 campaign against him in the next presidential campaign, have called for the abolition of ICE and rethinking how the US controls the influx of immigrants, many of them escaping crime and poverty in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Potential 2020 presidential hopefuls are joining the bandwagon. Sen. Although Warren and Gillibrand sided with the "Abolish ICE" push, California Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., said she sees a need to reexamine enforcement.

There has to be accountability for all law enforcement, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Stayton: The Trump administration, in the area of immigration and in other areas, takes bold action, makes bold statements. What happens then? Even those proposing such an idea must concede that another agency would have to take over the duties of ICE and, as a result, likely necessitate hiring numerous same people who work for ICE now. "It's time to reform and refocus the agency under the DHS to be exclusively focused on border security and ensuring those who intend to immigrate to our country have a compassionate system that allows for a fair process to be followed". That was the right vote.

A new liberal rallying cry - "Abolish ICE!" - calls for an end to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency that enforces President Trump's immigration policies. Over the weekend, massive crowds showed up outside the West County Detention Center in Richmond, where ICE contracts with the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office to detain up to 200 undocumented immigrants at a time.

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Put the numbers together, and a substantial majority said illegal border crossers, and the children they brought, should be returned to their home countries.

Those 40 and over are more strongly opposed to abolishing ICE than younger voters are.

Trump told the crowd that the governor had asked him to speak and that he accepted in part because Justice, elected in 2016 as a Democrat, switched to the Republican Party past year.

Leahy argued that the Trump administration has directed the agencies to act outside of their mission. Even being detained with their parents is traumatic for children, they said.

Welch, asked Monday if he supported the calls to abolish ICE, responded that his focus is on the White House. If Penn's findings are correct, most Americans are closer to Trump than today's Democrats. "As long has we have Trump he's the one in charge of their policies".

However, 50 percent of those polled said they believe the motive behind the president's immigration policies is 'a honest interest in controlling our borders'. Two people sustained minor scrapes and bruises, according to police.

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The movement also has support from Migrant Justice, an advocacy organization that represents immigrant farmer workers in the state.

The protest was spurred by the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy of referring illegal border-crossers for criminal prosecution.

The country seems divided on whether or not Trump is racist. Many Democratic strategists were asking why - just when the Democrats were winning the immigration debate - they should adopt a slogan that could backfire on them going into the midterm elections. Seventy percent said stricter, while 30 percent said looser.

"You have to have the border patrol", he said. A bill sponsored by Leahy would curtail that authority to within 25 miles of the border.

"I do regret that she did that: It would have really come in handy, but she wanted the best for her family and wanted to become a contributing part of the community as quickly as possible", said Peter Rodriguez, 47.

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