'It's Coming Home!' England fans get World Cup fever

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Here are just a few of the best "It's coming home" tweets and memes.

That faith has manifested as one enthusiastic refrain: "It's coming home".

Of course, Christopher Walken and the very notion of football coming home naturally go hand in hand with one another.

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Here's an excellently elaborate take from "Shrek", who arrives in the city of Duloc only to discover that football is coming home. They they feel the team was robbed in the game, which is odd because, from the England side at least, it seemed as though their team were doing their utmost to cheat, a player attempting to scuff up the penalty spot before Kane scored being a key example. Various ball games, some of which involved kicking, had been played for centuries, but Oxford and Cambridge graduates codified the rules of "association football", now known as either soccer or football, in the 1860s.

A re-worked version of the song with new lyrics for the 1998 World Cup, Three Lions '98, spent three weeks at the summit. "Football" is booked from Moscow to Home, the hope being that England will bring the cup home.

Why has "football's coming home" become a thing?

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If anybody's going to accurately gauge whether football is coming home or not, it's got to be Baddiel and Skinner themselves.

It was originally written and recorded by a couple of comedians and a band you've probably never heard of in the buildup to Euro 1996, which England was hosting. It also jibed with the official slogan for the '96 European Championship, "Football Comes Home".

Since it topped the charts 22 years ago, it has become the soundtrack for England fans at a string of worldwide tournaments, particularly this year's World Cup. The song, though, popularized the saying.

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