Japan's oracle octopus boiled and butchered

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After Rabiot's untimely death, Japan lost to Poland and Belgium, booted from the runnings as its squirming Nostradamus was turned into an entree.

The giant Pacific octopus had successfully predicted Japan would lose that match but he was not able to be around to see his prediction come true.

A "psychic octopus" which correctly predicted the results of Japan's World cup journey was chopped up and made into a meal even before the side kicked off against Belgium on July 2.

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Abe then placed his new invertebrate in a paddling pool containing three boxes with food, one representing Japan, another representing its opponent and a third representing a draw, according to reports.

Abe says that, despite the affection for his animal, he was forced to sell him to keep his business going.

Pictures of what appeared to be the dismembered octopus were shared on social media, although it could not be confirmed that this was definitely Rabiot. Rabiot's 100 per cent record also tops fellow psychic World Cup star Achilles the deaf Russian cat, who wrongly predicted a Nigeria win over Argentina in the group stages.

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I don't know if Rabiot saw its own future, but I won't be surprised if anyone tells me karma had a role in Japan's defeat despite a two-goal lead. "I'm glad that all the forecasts turned out correct and Japan moved on to the knockout stage", Abe said.

The English-born mollusc called the right outcome of eight matches during the competition from his tank at the Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium in Germany. Whichever mussel Paul ate first went on to win the game.

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