Longest lunar eclipse of the century to happen Friday

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Other countries with decent visibility will include those in the Eastern Hemisphere.

The Earth's shadow passing over the moon.

As the sunlight has to travel around Earth, if there is a lot of particulate matter in the air then it will encourage greater rates of refraction, making the moon appear red.

PA has revealed the most commonly googled questions that people have been searching for with regards to the upcoming eclipse.

The phenomenon occurs when the moon and the sun are at opposite sides of the Earth. But that's not all.

Blood Moon Live video below – streaming from cameras around the Earth
Blood Moon Live video below – streaming from cameras around the Earth

If you for some reason don't get to view the planet this weekend fear not, as it will continue to shine brightly in the night sky well into August.

There's an eclipse of the moon tonight?

In eastern Asia, Australia, and parts of the western Pacific, the eclipse will be visible before sunrise on July 28, as the moon sets. In these areas, when the moon retains its red colour lasted for about an hour and 42 minutes.

North American residents suffering from eclipse FOMO will be able to watch the event online.

In addition, the event will also be visible in parts of South-America, parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia.

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Meanwhile, Mars is now traveling closer to Earth than it has since 2003, so some observers overnight might have also seen what looked like an orange-red star, but was in fact the red planet.

Wherever you are in Italy the view of the spectacle will all depend on the weather tomorrow night, so we've had a look at the forecast. The Sun, the moon and Venus will be the only (natural) objects in the sky brighter than Mars. Picture: AAPThe red colored moon can be seen next to Berlin TV Tower in Berlin.

The last blood moon was observed on January 31 2018. Its associations are more superstitious than scientific.

A reddish tint is, to some degree, common in all lunar eclipses, even partial ones.

Unlike like a solar eclipse, it is entirely safe to look directly at a lunar eclipse.

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Avid astronomers and amateur stargazers the world over were treated to an incredible lunar light show when the moon transformed from its usual bright color to an orb of burned orange and red for almost two hours.

In ancient times, this phenomenon was thought to be a bad omen, but now it is understood that it is simply due to the scattering of light by the air in our atmosphere. Only red light makes it through the atmosphere.

Dr Gregory Brown, of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, explained how the rising full moon changed from shining silver to deep blood red during the eclipse.

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"They'll see it at the same time, beginning at the same moment". Totality will begin at 19:30 GMT and last until 21:13 GMT.

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