Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity worker charged for 'selling' newborn

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Mother Teresa, a Nobel Peace Prize victor and a Catholic saint, founded the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India, in 1950. "There are discrepancies in the records", a police official investigating the case said. Authorities arrested Indwar and another charity worker at the home.

"We seized the register at the centre and found that the girl, who gave birth to the child that was sold to the couple, was brought in months ago, but this was not reported to the CWC. It is nearly impossible that the racket was happening without her knowledge, but we need evidence", the officer said.

The sisterhood has more than 3,000 nuns worldwide.

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However, the nuns present then called up a couple from Uttar Pradesh who had allegedly bought the child for Rs 1.2 lakh.

Police arrested Sister Konsalia Balsa and charity worker Anima Indwar on Wednesday after the city's child-welfare committee filed a complaint accusing them of selling an infant for $1,740 in the northeastern city of Ranchi. Talking to CWC, the couple said that the Charity had given them the child and added that they paid money in terms of hospital fees.

'They have said that at least five to six babies have been sold to childless couples, ' police officer Aman Kumar told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a phone interview. The Missionaries of Charity ended its own involvement because it opposed adoptions to single women or unmarried couples. She said the charity had never taken money from parents while arranging adoptions in the past. She alleged that the accused had committed more crimes of this nature.

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The social welfare department grants licence to a shelter under provisions of the Juvenile Justice (Child Care and Protection) Act, 2000.

According to Ranchi Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Anish Gupta, the FIR was lodged by the Child Welfare Society against the Missionaries of Charities on Wednesday.

In 2015, Missionaries of Charity had ended the process of adaption as they failed to comply with the latest adaption laws. It is completely against our moral conviction. "When they did not find Anima around, they went to the Missionaries of Charity but were not entertained by the following which the couple approached us and the matter was disclosed", she said. "We will take all the necessary precautions that this kind of incident never happens again", a statement said.

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