Netflix is eliminating online user reviews

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Some will argue that reviews boost user engagement and could attract new eyeballs, but really, when was the last time you chose to pick up a new series based exclusively on user reviews? The feature, which has been available on the Netflix website but not the apps, will be shutting down in stages.

Why it matters: Netflix simplified its rating system early a year ago, shifting from a five-star feedback method to a more streamlined thumbs up or thumbs down system. And I doubt that a significant portion of the desktop Netflix users ever utilized those reviews as a tool to decide whether or not to watch a particular piece of media. By mid-August, you won't even be able to read existing user reviews.

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Netflix notified users of the change in an email which stated: 'You contributed a review on Netflix within the previous year.

Netflix is about to deprive its more opinionated viewers of the long-held pastime of online user reviews.

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While I personally found user reviews on Netflix to be helpful most of the time, some take the position that Netflix wants to simplify the recommendation process and not necessarily have otherwise interested viewers not tune into a program based on arguably skewed reviews.

This change comes about a year after Netflix replaced its earlier star rating system in its apps with a simpler "thumbs up/thumbs down" system.

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The "Ultra" tier could sit anywhere between €16.99 (£15 / $20) and €19.99 (£18 / $23); according to recent reports, the firm has been testing different pricing options across Europe to get an idea of customer response. The plan would allow an account to stream Ultra HD content simultaneously to four devices and would be priced at €16.99, or just shy of $20.