Netflix Testing 'Ultra' Tier With Higher Price, May Hurt Premium Users

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The streaming service is now testing an Ultra pricing tier. As reported by Tutto Android, this new "Ultra" streaming tier from Netflix will offer the exact same benefits as the existing Premium tier which includes 4K streaming for up to 4 devices simultaneously.

PhoneArena claims some Italian users are already seeing promotional material that describes Premium thusly, and that show the Standard plan, which now allows streaming across two devices simultaneously, being downgraded to one device.

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The trial version of the Ultra tier also offers access for up to four devices at once, and in some regions that has pushed Premium down to just two. Some users who are subscribed to the Standard "HD" plan were also restricted to a single stream, according to Phone Arena.

Netflix's current plans go for €7.99, €10.99, and €13.99 respectively. "In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix".

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The spokesperson added that not everyone will see the test taking place, and the company may not even implement the new subscription tier. That seems like a lot of money for no extra screens or other perks, but for the moment this is just a test to see what people make of the new model. Nearly 6.4m new worldwide subscribers were added in the final quarter of a year ago, along with more than 1.9m users from the US.

Leaked promotional material details the new Ultra plan. Newsweek has learned that the company's rollout plans for the new pricing tier are not yet definite, and it's not clear if the new tier-the only one to have High Dynamic Range (HDR)-will extend outside Europe. The company is now testing it with select European customers. Would you upgrade to the Ultra tier of it became an option (and the only option with four simultaneous streams)? This would force current premium users to pay a 20 per cent increase in subscription fees for the best Netflix package.

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