No evidence Islamic State responsible for Toronto attack

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Faisal Hussain, the 29-year-old shooter responsible for the rampage in Toronto's Greektown neighbourhood, was from Pakistan's Jhelum.

Sources also believe he had training because he was able to reload the gun while on the move. But Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey found that the family's spokesman, Mohammed Hashim, is a "driving force" behind the Muslim Brotherhood-linked National Council of Canadian Muslims and has committed himself to "framing a new narrative of Muslims in Canada" and creating a "national political movement".

"At this stage of the investigation, we do not know why this has happened yet", said Saunders, the police chief.

As is the case with most illegal handguns used on Toronto streets, police have traced the gun to the United States and US authorities are helping to narrow down its origin, CBC News reported Wednesday.

He was granted $3,000 bail a few days later on a number of conditions including he not be in Saskatoon except for court, not possess a cellphone, and abstain from drugs and alcohol and that he live at the same Toronto apartment that police searched after the shooting.

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To own a gun in Canada, an individual must apply for a licence, pass a background check and pass a firearm safety test. Guns must be kept locked and unloaded and can only be legally carried outside the home with a special permit.

Danforth Avenue will be closed off completely between Carlaw and Broadview until at least noon on Monday, according to police, as TPS homicide detectives investigate the scene.

Hussain lived with his parents and attended both Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute and Victoria Park Collegiate Institute during his high school years.

When the teacher pressed Hussain about why he wanted to do such a thing, he simply shrugged it off, explaining he "just felt it would be really cool to kill somebody".

Fahad Hussain was known to police for his involvement with street gangs, The Toronto Star newspaper reported.

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"He threatened to cut me and my partner's throat", he said. "His parents are lovely". Friends have said that Price was among those injured in the shooting.

The psychiatric association said Hussain is an outlier among mental health patients, citing several studies that challenge the link between mental illness and violent conduct.

In July of 2017, court document show Fahad was in a coma in hospital due to an overdose and about six months later the Crown stayed the charges against him. Hussain's father, who suffers from an illness like Parkinson's, has been in particular decline since their daughter died around five years ago in an accident on the Don Valley Parkway.

Treatment, including counseling and medication, had not helped, the family said, but they had no indication that Hussain posed a danger to others.

"Although we during the whole of his life, full of pain and suffering, tried to help him, we even could not imagine that his departure will be so devastating", - is spoken in the relatives of Faisal. "People with psychosis are at greater risk of being the victims of violence then of perpetrating violence".

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