OnePlus eyeing United States expansion, 5G phone for 2019

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So, the OnePlus 7 might be the first Smartphone to see the light of 5G. As every year passes now the interest for 5G network and the equipment to help it will develop and OnePlus is very much aware of that. While a large number of the OnePlus cell phones work fine and dandy on transporters like T-Mobile and AT&T, they know that it is so vital to manufacturing an association with these bearers. More importantly, 5G support could pave the way for OnePlus phones at United States carriers.

Aside from 5G network, what different highlights could be accessible on the OnePlus 7? And now they're looking to expand their user base in the U.S. as CEO Pete Lau said they are planning on releasing a 5G phone and to have it in partnership with a U.S. carrier.

During the Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWCS) 2018 tech expo that is now going on in China, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has revealed through an interview with PC Mag is that OnePlus is working with the us carriers as it plans to announce a 5G smartphone next year. Even better, the smartphone maker plans to partner with North American carriers in the future.

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He did not speak anything about launching a 5G smartphone in India.

OnePlus has sold more than a million units of its latest flagship device, the OnePlus 6, in just 22 days since launch.

It's not been too long since OnePlus launched the OnePlus 6.

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OnePlus now sells its phones primarily through its own website but has partnered with carriers in Europe in the past. Since the launch of OnePlus One, all its devices have been released as unlocked versions.

In previous years, OnePlus managed to release smartphone models with premium features and specifications that can fairly give Samsung and Apple handsets a good fight.

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