Sacha Baron Cohen is coming for Donald Trump and we can't wait

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"Learn about being amusing".

Davis announced that he's joining Cohen's legal team in a statement on Thursday - just days after the former Trump acolyte told ABC News, "I put family and country first".

It has previously been reported that Baron Cohen is making a film called Greed, about the lavish lifestyles of the super rich.

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Baron Cohen is now shooting the Netflix series The Spy, where he plays real-life agent Eli Cohen, a spy for Israel in Syria in the early 1960s. You don't know s***'.

An archive video of Trump attacking Cohen then plays, with the president branding the Englishman a "third-rate character".

The titles, which are shown over a United States flag, then read: 'Sacha graduates. An unimpressed Trump responded by posting the video laying into the British actor. He has not released a project since then, but has appeared in other movies and shows.

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When Ali met Trump, he tried to get him to invest in "ice cream gloves", but after a short period, the real estate mogul turned President got wise to the ruse and ended the interview.

"Is that a long time for an Ali G interview?" Regardless of your political stance regarding President Trump, there's no denying that Sacha Baron Cohen is a master of comedy and is sure to bring out a number of humorous points in his next project. When Trump realized it was a scam, he walked out, later tweeting, "I never fall for scams".

Given the speculation about Cohen flipping on Trump, people took special note when he deleted mentions of Trump from his Twitter bio on the 4th of July.

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Cohen also gave Trump (and Daniel Radcliffe) AIDS in an admittedly pretty low-brow gag in the movie The Brothers Grimsby, with Sony, the movie's producers insisting on a disclaimer at the end of the film.