Samsung Messages bug randomly sending photos to contacts

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Owners of Samsung's most recent flagship phones are reporting the bundled-in messaging app is randomly texting their contacts photos stored in the camera roll. It only became apparent after the recipient alerted them. In the meantime, you can switch to a third-party messaging app like WhatsApp, Signal, or Facebook Messenger to send all the photos you want to the right people.

T-Mobile is upgrading from SMS to RCS and Samsung recently applied its own complementary update to its Samsung Messages app, the default texting app for its Galaxy phone, to support the change.

'Do S9s come with divorce lawyers?' another quipped.

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I mean, if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about, but still, it would be nice for your phone not to do random stuff without asking, especially when the consequences could be so bad. Affected individuals say their phones have started sending messages to one of their contacts with their full photo gallery.

If you're using Samsung's Messages software, and are anxious about unapproved picture texts, find the application in the apps section of your device's settings, then go into its permissions, and disable access to storage. And while this nightmare scenario has yet to be confirmed, you'd better believe that Samsung is looking into it.

It is believed the bug could be due to a new messaging standard called RCS, which is created to make texting look more like a messaging app, complete with read receipts and typing indicators. Until then, there are two easy fixes for the concerned users: 1.

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Samsung and T-Mobile didn't immediately reply to CNET's requests for comment.

Observations from some users showed the issue did not happen on other messaging apps.

Samsung said it is aware of the problem and is investigating it further.

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