Trump says he's narrowed Supreme Court nominees to 2 or 3

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Although her membership in People of Praise did not come up in her confirmation hearing, a 2017 profile on Barrett published by The New York Times revealed some alarming details about the organization that made it sound like a cult, without actually using the word to describe it.

Another person familiar with the process said Friday the White House was focusing on Kavanaugh, Barrett, Kethledge and Thapar, as well as Thomas Hardiman, another appeals court judge. Both Kavanaugh and Kethledge are former Supreme Court clerks for Kennedy.

Kethledge, 51, was born in Summit, New Jersey, and grew up in MI.

Kethledge graduated from the University of Michigan and received his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School.

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In a 2003 article, Barrett called for a more "flexible" understanding of stare decisis, arguing that courts should be less focused, in deciding whether to overrule a case, on so-called reliance interests - the degree to which a decision has been woven into the settled expectations of those affected. She is a graduate of Notre Dame Law School and previously clerked for the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

The White House says Trump has spoken to seven candidates.

The White House did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment.

On a call with associates on Monday, Cruz warned that Kavanaugh is the sort of "unreliable" jurist by whom Republicans have been disappointed in the past, and he has worked to bolster the prospects of his colleague, Sen. He told Fox News last week, "My understanding is that that is what the Senate rules allow and you're still a senator until you're no longer a senator". U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) confirmed on Tuesday that he is one of several candidates in the running.

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"I learned that a judicial conservative exercises humility, understanding that judges have an important but limited role in the nation's constitutional scheme". Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is another Republican who has supported abortion. Barrett was rigorously tested during her hearing past year before the Senate Judiciary Committee. "He sees this as a business that relates to the public", Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, a prominent Trump confidant, told The Washington Post in 2016. Democrats on Thursday highlighted his conservative record on reproductive rights, voting rights, and the right of workers to organize. "Judge Kethledge has a history of opposing women's reproductive freedom", he wrote. "Anti-choice activists have praised his work as Judiciary Committee counsel for Senator Spencer Abraham (R-MI) when Sen".

He also cited snipping from those opposed to a D.C. Circuit ruling allowing an undocumented pregnant teen to get an abortion.

But last week a political tornado barreled through her campaign and those of other red-state Democrats trying to keep their seats in a Senate that Republicans narrowly control.

That reversal could establish groundwork to tackle the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. After all, who knows better that a judge's job is to apply the law as it is - and not to legislate from the bench - than someone who was previously a legislator himself?

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No matter who Trump picks, a ferocious battle will erupt over whether his nominee will overturn the landmark abortion rights case, Roe v. Wade and former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.