Woman Wakes Up In Morgue After Being Pronounced Dead

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A Times Live report said, the woman who was involved in a vehicle accident outside of Carletonville a week ago was declared dead, along with two other occupants also killed in the collision.

A South African woman lived through what was possibly her worst nightmare when, shortly after an accident, she was declared dead and sent to the morgue - where she was later found to be alive and breathing!

The woman was moved from the morgue to a hospital for further check-ups, and local authorities said they launched an investigation to find out who is responsible.

The family said: "As a family we won't talk about this unless the police, paramedics and the mortuary officials who were involved are present.

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We need answers", a family member told the BBC, speaking on condition of anonymity.

A source at the Carletonville mortuary told the Sowetan newspaper: "Paramedics are trained to determine death, not us".

The statement said mortuary staff in Carletonville, near Johannesburg, had been called to the accident scene to collect bodies of people declared dead by responders from a private emergency service.

But defending their decisions, Distress Alert's operations manager, Gerrit Bradnick, said: "We followed our procedures - we've got no idea how it happened".

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In another frightening case earlier this year, a Spanish prisoner regained consciousness hours before an autopsy was carried out.

Three doctors had certified him dead.

And, rather worryingly, it isn't the first time it's happened in South Africa and as a result of a auto crash. In 2016, a road-accident victim who was declared dead was found to be breathing the next day, but ended up dying five hours after the discovery. Seven years ago, a 50-year-old man woke up screaming after spending almost 24 hours in an Eastern Cape morgue.

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